★★★★☆ | Audi S1 2.0 TFSI 231PS Quattro Competition Nav


What Have We Got 

Audi’s S1 is the smallest and most affordable end of the S series cars. A brand new S1 starts at £27,745.00 ROTR. The S1 is a great package. 4WD, 6-speed manual gearbox, 230bhp / 370Nm torque from a 2.0L EA888 2.0-litre turbo four-cylinder engine and 155 mph limited top speed. Make no mistake, this isn’t a lukewarm shopping car, this is a real driver’s car, an Audi S series car. I was surprised how much attention it gets you, lots of people complimented my choice of car for a change.



Audi’s S1 is a lot of fun and very capable. Being permanent 4WD, I expected it to push on it corners, understeer spoiling the party, but it seems to have a RWD bias which is great fun.

Pulling out of a junction or accelerating out of a tight corner, a heavy right foot can prompt the tail to kick out. You have to be particularly aggressive as there’s loads of grip. Standard power from the S1 is 230bhp but with a stage 1 map that jumps to 320bhp, however, I know a couple of these engines running over 500bhp.


It’s fairly unremarkable inside but solid and well built. Leather, shell back bucket seats look very good and do a great job of supporting driver and passenger and the controls are well placed. You certainly feel you are in a driver’s car.

My only criticism was the size. Obviously, it’s a small car, but for me as a grown-up carrying too many kg’s, it was almost too small. The dash is fairly plain but very nice and the quality is superb.

Living with it

As you would expect, the Audi S1 has a host of electronic assists such as; cross-traffic assist rear (which will alert you when vehicles cross your blind spot, and even activate the brakes if necessary). Pre sense front (uses a camera and radar sensors to alert you to approaching hazards and can apply the brakes). Park assist (parks for you), cruise control and more.

It’s fast, fun, well built and looks great. I’d almost go as far as to say it’s in a class of its own with 230bhp in such a small package.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for fun in a small package but want a touch of class and quality. The S1 is right up your street. It looks subtle and classy and is very well built. It’s a bit small for me and there’s not a lot of room in the back but so what, I sit in the front.

Small enough to park anywhere with ease, safe as any modern car with all of the electronics, it sounds great and has huge tuning potential. I’d like to take one on track and see what it’s like there.

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Build quality


Unremarkable inside

Too small (for me)

Manual gearbox only, no DSG.



Car –  2.0 TFSI 231PS Quattro Competition Nav

Price – £27,745.00

MPG – 39.8 (combined)

0-62 – 5.8s

Power – 272hp and 330nm torque

Top Speed – 155.3 mph

Co2 – 166 (g/km)