Firstly, the Ford Fiesta Black edition is almost exactly the same as the Red Edition, sparing opposite paint schemes. Whichever colour scheme you go for, they are both absolutely stunning cars. Evidently, as I own the Black Edition this is my favourite.

The Fiesta Zetec S Black Edition has a bold, sculptured, aggressive look with contrast details that make sure you don’t get confused with any other Fiesta in the car park. Considering, since going on sale in 2008, the Fiesta has been the UK’s best selling car it is in no doubt that you need something to make you stand out. This special edition model composes the great styling of the standard Fiesta with a racy body kit, lowered suspension by 10mm, black 17” alloy wheels and red accents across the car from the grill surrounds, front splitter, mirror caps and roof all presented against Ford’s “Panther Black” paint. The Red Edition is exactly the same, sparing the paint scheme, where there is red it is black and where there is black there is red. The only other difference between the two is the price, the Black Edition is slightly more expensive then the red due to the black paint being a premium choice.

The star piece of this car is the engine. In most other Fiesta models you can choose boring petrol or diesel engines, which are pretty standard, and nothing special. What is special, is Ford’s 1litre turbos, the “Ecoboost” engines. The standard 1litre turbo gives of an impressive 98bhp – nothing to scoff at. However, Ford have made the engine for the Black Edition pump out an amazing 138bhp, and what a sweet engine it it. Considering how small the engine is it loves to rev, makes a gorgeous thrumming noise and is pretty rapid.

The Black Edition is almost the same as the standard Zetec, however, here we get some red accents throughout the cabin.

Where the Black Edition is let down, as with all Fiestas, is the infotainment system, which is immensely dated and aged, where most rivalling cars get a colour touch screen Ford offers a rather analogue looking display, with lots of buttons.

Another overlook on the Fiesta are the materials. Some of the plastics do feel cheap and scratchy, however considering that the Fiesta is churned out in obscene amounts we have to give credit were it’s due.

The technology is very good. Considering the look of the bad infotainment system it does fairly well. There’s voice commands to control some of the functions as well as Bluetooth connectivity which lets you make calls, have texts read out, stream music and the car even calls the emergency services for you if you have an accident.

Other features, which you’ll love to test are the hill hold assist, which holds the car for you for three seconds to allow you to move off without juggling controls and rolling back. The start/stop technology, helps to keep this car’s CO2 emissions low. This feature can be turned off via a button on the dashboard.

For concerned parents, this Fiesta also comes with “My Key” which allows restrictions to be put on for anyone driving with the spare key. You get two keys, the master and the spare, with the master in the ignition you can set restrictions such as speeds and volume for the audio, it even tells you how many miles have driven with the key. As optional extras on the car you can have rear privacy glass, auto wipers and lights, rear parking sensors, heated seats, cruise control, automatic climate control, and active city stop. So this can be a car for anyone.

The Black Edition sits in the range between the standard Fiesta and the Fiesta ST. I see this car as a stepping-stone into the true “hot hatch” market. It is faster and sportier than a standard fiesta without setting off alarm bells with the insurance company, as to them this is still a 1.0 Ecoboost Zetec with a body kit. What I appreciate about this car is its comfort. Compared to the shockingly hard suspension on the ST and bum numbing bucket seats this feels like a luxury limousine. Although the Black Edition is lowered and has 17” alloys, it makes almost no difference to the ride quality, only improving handling and driving fun.

CREDIT: Ford/Newspress

I live by a philosophy of “if you don’t look back at your car once it’s parked, you’ve got the wrong one”. And not a time goes by I don’t look back at mine and think how lucky I am. I can forgive all the little niggles about it, like the build quality and the infotainment system because when something puts a smile on your face like a Fiesta does, then its perfect no matter what.


Punchy engine

Sporty looks

Great road handling


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Infotainment system

Poor materials low in the cabin

Fuel economy


Car: Ford Fiesta Black Edition 1.0 litre 140PS Ecoboost

Price: £16,945 (starting price)

MPG: 62.8mpg

Power: 138bhp

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0-62: 9 seconds

Top Speed: 125mph

Co2: 104 (g/km)

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