★★★☆☆ | Jeep Renegade Limited 1.6 120hp TD

What Have We Got?

I’m a lumberjack… and I’m OK, I cut down trees, I skip and jump”. We have the Jeep Renegade and these make me smile. There have been a few revisions carried out recently, most notably being the bumpers and change in headlights that add new aggression to the chunky monkey. New engines have also been added and for this, we have the 1.6 120hp turbo diesel. We tested the top of the range 4WD Trial hawk model in 2017 and it made my top 3 list. Does the new 2WD Limited model cut it? 



The first thing that strikes you with this 1.6-litre turbo diesel engine is the throttle lag when pulling away. It might have become the industry ‘norm’ for this type of engine to respond this way, but it doesn’t make it right. It isn’t a problem once you are moving in traffic. Pulling into traffic is when you really feel it. You then have to adapt your driving style. In that, I mean rev the engine to around 1600 rpm and then when you can, let out the clutch and pull away. 

That’s a lot of effort and ruins an otherwise enjoyable vehicle. The ride is soft if a little floaty and road noise is quite subdued. The engine is vocal when really pushed and doesn’t encourage all-out performance. 



There haven’t been any major changes inside. The Jeep face and logos are still there in places around the windows and interior trim. It’s still put together well with no rattles. One thing that is noticeable was the appalling paint finish within the boot shut to an almost unacceptable finish. 

As before with the inside, it is rather spacious and wide for what is a small SUV though still dark. The seats are comfortable and wide and the view out is good. Big screen pillars don’t obscure your forward view because they are so far forward. What isn’t, is the centre armrest. It’s too far back to be of any use to anyone.

Living With It

Throttle lag aside, it’s still a nice SUV that manages to break to visual mould in the crowded SUV market. It doesn’t bring anything new to the market or do anything different but what it does is do is make others think that you are in a car more capable of going anywhere when in actual fact, it’s 2WD so it won’t. Like wearing ladies high heels in secret, those outside won’t need to know this.

The Verdict

I still like the Jeep Renegade. There is just something about it that makes you pat it as a member of the family. Just when “retro” seems done, the Jeep still manages to invigorate this genre with it with cuddly looks.

It’s got a full personality all of its own x2, like being a 2×2 instead of a 4×4. It’s now Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in its cuddly looks and annoying engine. The throttle lag is my biggest gripe. If it was my money, I’d buy it with a petrol engine.  






Throttle lag

Infotainment screen too low

Alarm/door opening beep

The Lowdown

Car –  Jeep Renegade Limited 1.6 120hp TD

Price – £29,350 (as tested)

MPG – 57.6mpg (combined)

Power – 120HP

0-62mph –  10.2 seconds

Top Speed – 110 mph

Co2 – 129 (g/km)

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