CAR REVIEW | Range Rover Sport SVD6

CAR REVIEW | Range Rover Sport SVD6

★★★★☆ | Range Rover Sport SVD6

Weak At The Knees In More Ways Than One

Range Rover Sport SVD6 review

What Have We Got?

Land Rovers vast luxury Range Rover Sport SDV6. Once again, Land Rover has moved the Range Rover further up the luxury bracket which means this isn’t some fancy farm yard vehicle. This is a proper bonafide people carrying 4×4 with proven 4×4 credentials.


But is it any good as an everyday carrier of people and load?  


Despite its big looks, it is surprisingly easy to drive. On paper at least, the 3-litre turbo diesel has a modest 306 bhp and yet the high 700 Nm of torque from 1500rpm feels quite lethargic in getting it going. It’s not a slouch by any means with a 0-60 time of 6.8 seconds, it just feels like it because it isolates you from the drivetrain so well. 

When the going gets bumpy, this model also benefits from some impressive damping. The ride remained composed. There was some lurch as expected but it’s much less than you would think there would be despite what height you set the ride at.


For all of its exterior presence, it has an interior that matches. Big and bold with some nice touches in ergonomics and some appalling trim. 

The twin infotainment screen is nice and when on, disguises greasy fingerprints quite well. You just need to keep the roof blind closed to enjoy it in the sun. It’s more reflective than I would like. 

The leather coverings on the doors could have been a little bit better, though this was minor compared to the silver trim that ran down the side of the centre console. An unsavoury mould line left a sharp edge protruding that would rub against my bare knee.  

Living With It

All I will say is, pick your supermarket parking space wisely! It doesn’t feel as big as it looks to drive so you’ll find it cumbersome in the carpark. 

It will seat five, though anyone sitting in the middle of the rear won’t feel the love with the drop-down armrest digging in their back. 

It has the ability to travel ground so effortlessly that motorway driving would be a doddle. It would be if it was fitted with adaptive cruise control. One thing I struggle to get my head around is with all the safety features fitted to this premium 4×4, adaptive cruise is an option. It’s an option that should be standard.

The Verdict

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I tried not to be swayed by the glamour of the thing but l failed. It took about three miles into my first drive to be in love with it. I didn’t even compile a good and bad list after the first initial run. 

It’s not perfect though. There are a few niggles I have like trim quality and a suspension system that at times decides to go in too low overnight. That said it does make you feel like the king of the castle and you can see why people go back to buy another.


Relaxing cabin


Door architecture


Hate myself for loving it too much

Sharp-edged trim

Lack of adaptive cruise

The Lowdown

Car –  Range Rover Sport SVD6

Price – £78,095 (as tested)

MPG – 40.4mpg (combined)

Power – 306bhp

0-62mph –  6.8 seconds

Top Speed –  140 mph

Co2 – 185 (g/km)