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CAR REVIEW | Seat Tarraco

★★★★  | Seat Tarraco – Seat’s Mover For The People

What Have We Got?

We have seen Seat grow in recent years and to here we have Seat’s new 7 seater SUV, the Tarraco, to finish the 3 SUV line up. THEGAYUK were invited to the UK launch to find out more about this newcomer from Seat.

Built on the multi-talented MQB platform, the Tarraco shares a lot of architecture from the wheels down with the likes of the Audi TT and VW Arteon. So it has sporty and luxury on its side but does this translate in the Spaniard? Above that, and it is all (almost) Seat. THEGAYUK opted for the Xcellence trim 2.0 TSI petrol 4WD to review.


The sheer size of the Tarraco means you need a good strong engine to propel it forward. Thankfully that is what you get with the 2.0 TSI petrol. 320 Ib/ft of torque from lowly 1500rpm makes good progress through the 7 speed DSG gearbox.

And the figures get better. Considering this is some 29kg lighter than the comparable diesel model and it gives you a 0-60 time of almost 2 seconds quicker and a highly illegal top speed of 131mph.


You won’t use that performance all the time. The Tarraco rides reasonable hard, giving it a sporty feel but this is somewhat lost because it does do a reasonable job of smoothing out the ruts and bumps in the road. It belies its big 19”


It’s a step up in quality from the Spanish side of the Volkswagen family. And about time, even if it is perhaps just a little ‘too Volkswagen group’ inside. The layout for all the controls follows the VAG ethos of simplicity and that’s no bad thing. Unlike the Spanish Eurovision entries of the past 58 years, so much is played out with Seat’s Mediterranean roots that you feel a slight lack of spice is missing.

Thankfully what we do get in the Tarraco are rather nicely finished door cards. The architecture gives you fabric inserts, hard and soft plastics and illuminations. And this also stretches to the rear doors, pushing this new SUV from Seat further up quality.

Living With It

The Tarraco is being sold as a 7 seater in the UK. They aren’t the worst 3rd row rear seats I’ve climbed into but they certainly aren’t really for adults unless on the pub run. The main problem is the under thigh support that is firmly lacking for those with long adult legs. Thankfully they rear seats are comfortable and supportive in places. 

Overall the Tarraco offers space and versatility that is part and parcel of larger SUV. And with the all-wheel-drive system, offers the ability to venture further off the beaten track. 

The Verdict

Despite what I have said, Seat has taken the MQB-A LWB platform and made it their own. In doing so they have made a quality product that should satisfy most buyers in the large SUV market. And they have all bases covered with 2 and 4 wheel drives, diesels and petrols of varying sizes and their simple and effective line-up. OTR prices start from £28,335 for SE 1.5 petrol to £38,055 for Xcellence Lux 2.0 diesel. There should be a Tarraco for everyone here. 


Door architecture

Range options



Cramped third row seats

Harsh ride


Top models pricey

The Lowdown

Car –  Seat Tarraco Xcellence 2.0 TSI 4Drive 190PS DSG

Price – £ 34,845 (OTR)

MPG –  38.7 mpg (combined)

Power – 190ps

0-62mph –  8 seconds

Top Speed –  131 mph

Co2 – 166 (g/km)


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