★★★★☆ | Volvo V60

V is for Versatile

Volvo life starts with the family. This is reflected in the advert for Volvo’s new V60 estate car. When they say ‘family” they mean ALL the family. Volvo is out there to show their support not just for the changes in the heterosexual family dynamic but also the new evolution in the family within the LGBTQ and culturally diverse communities.

There is a lot going on at Volvo at the moment and the Swedish company are not resting on their laurels of strong build and sturdy cars. Recently, Volvo has been seen to getting involved in global causes but that’s all for another day, for we at TGUK were invited to the launch of the new V60.

New Wagon

It feels strange and yet refreshing to see a new estate car being launched when the market is bulging with SUV’s and crossovers that everyone apparently wants. Volvo themselves are no strangers to the SUV market with 3 models available. 

Now an estate from Volvo isn’t new and the company have a strong reputation built on practical estate cars, so is the new V60 with its low slung body actually any good? News just in is that for boot space alone the V60 is a class leader with 529 to 1441 litres of space and a flat floor with minimal intrusion. I’ll admit that the height does seem a little low though this is more to do with the cars sleek elegant lines.



We tried 2 models, both identical D4 diesel models with 190hp of available power. What differed with these 2 models was the range spec but more importantly, the gearboxes. 

While the automatic changed smoothly up and down and almost unobtrusively, its inherent setting was economy and emissions so it would always be in a higher gear, making the engine just a little less responsive to throttle inputs. 

The manual model was something else. Precise selection of gears and an easy to control clutch pedal, not to light to be feel-less but also not heavy to be an annoyance in traffic made for a much more spirited drivers car. I like my autos, but I’d have to ask myself what sort of driver I would be most of the time.   


And that question gets answered inside. With four different trim levels, they alter so much of the inside. Racy and purposeful is what you get with the R-Design. It’s all silver inlays and black trim. The inscription is designed like a lounge. It’s calming and comfortable. And this is where the different gearboxes alter your mood in the car. 

All this comes with what can only be described as Volvo’s legendary build quality. 

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Living with it

I had another chance to try the V60. After the UK launch, there was so much more that I wanted to know. I had it in my head that it was good. Anthony French-Constant and I blasted one around an agility test of both driver and machine and we won. Albeit only beaten by Volvo UK by one second though we suspect favourable timings on the stop watch (possibly) All that excitement aside, was it as good as I remembered?

Yes is the answer. At a recent range review, it quickly became apparent just how good it was and it needs to be. This size and model or car is quickly becoming extinct and that’s a shame. No SUV can match this for its all-round appeal of driver involvement and comfort.    

The Lowdown

Car –  Volvo V60

Price –  From £31,810 

MPG – 40.9mpg (petrol) – 64.2mpg (diesel) (combined)

*Power – 150hp – 250hp

*0-62mph  6.7 – 9.9 seconds

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*Co2 – 157 – 117 (g/km)

* Petrol/diesel 

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