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CBB Willy Shocker: Frankie gets an eyeful from Lewis

The celebrities on this year’s Big Brother are definitely getting frisky… In tonight’s episode Lewis Bloor shows US reality star, Frankie his penis.

Lewis shows Frankie his Penis
CREDIT: Channel 5


In tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother Frankie gets a good old look at Lewis’s penis. This isn’t the first time that TOWIE star Bloor has gotten his Johnson out for the celebs in the house this summer.

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In an earlier task, Bloor was forced to undress and dress in front of his housemates in order to successfully pass a task… The resulting footage certainly got Channel 5’s viewers a little hot under the collar.

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Tonight, viewers will see Lewis, Katie and Frankie in the bathroom before Lewis shows Frankie his penis.


Before revealing his whopper, Lewis asked Frankie,

“Frankie, do you want to see if I’ve got a big piece…And that’s just down!”

Heavy D, Lewis and Frankie.
CREDIT: Channel 5

Frankie had his own nudity moment. Yesterday he undressed in front of housemates in the bedroom showing his bottom to fellow housemates.

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Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 5