Kellie Maloney, who recently came out as a trans woman has been opening up about her transition.

In a conversation with Claire King today on Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother, Kellie Maloney, says that she still thinks she will be a heterosexual male mentally but isn’t sure if having a relationship with a woman would make her a lesbian.

Famously in the Mayoral election race in 2004, Maloney, a UKIP candidate at the time, garnered much criticism from the LGBT community by saying, there were “too many gays” in Camden.

Maloney, who was living as a man at the time, tried to justify these remarks telling the BBC, ‘I don’t want to campaign around gays… I don’t think they do a lot for society… what I have a problem with is them openly flaunting their sexuality.’

Kellie says that her decision to transition was about gender identity and not about sexual orientation and thinks that she will probably live the rest of her life without a partner.

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Kellie also talks to Edele about her forthcoming operations.

Kellie says she needs to have her boobs done and more work on her face before the final operation at the end of the year. Kellie says, ‘Then there will be no stopping me.’

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