A post on the British National Party’s Facebook complains that the BBC Drama Boss has promised to boost more gay characters in their output.

Trust the BNP, yes the ones that are happy to show their children off as the most ignorant of society and publically proclaim that they’d disown their dogs over penis licking.


Today a post on the party’s Facebook profile reads,

‘Brace yourself because a whole host of gay characters are about to hit your TV screen. BBC drama boss Ben Stephenson – paid a staggering £247,800 per year, paid for by your TV Licence – has declared that he is making it his business to make his homosexual persuasion everyone else’s. The compulsory TV Licence for television owners in Britain goes entirely to the BBC. Are you happy paying for this kind of television?’

First of all, I’d like to point out that the estimated worth of the LGBT market to the BBC is over £300million – and barely any LGBT characters or programming is made specifically for this market, just a quick peck on EastEnders once in a blue moon isn’t going to cut it.

Secondly, what does someone’s wage have to do with anything?


Thirdly, Homosexual persuasion? Is it a persuasion now, is it something you can persuade someone to become. Are you advocating that homosexuality is something that can be influenced?

Fourthly, Oh just nob off.

Fifthly, This story first came out (snigger snigger), in Feb, are you truly only just catching on?


Sixthly, Oh just nob off… again.


Taking a look at the comments to the post you can’t help laugh at some of the idiocy that people who follow these people believe. Let me make an example, I have not corrected grammar or spelling… Just for shiz and giggles you understand.


Mary-Anne, who is a staff nurse in an A&E department writes,

‘I am a traditional Bible believing Christian. I do not expect everyone to share my views, but I do not want someone else’s immoral sexual behaviour forced upon me either. I think its especially unhealthy for this country, that the minds of young and vulnerable children could be exposed to this. Now, ont [sic] only are they being taught these things at school, but having it foced [sic] down their throats at home. What is the British governments agenda? To stem the population by causing an increase in homosexuality? It has been well researched that during the 80’s-90’s when homosexuality was linked to HIV/AIDs this behaviour was at a low due to the scare factor associated with such behaviour. Now, that people think its the in thing, more and more people are experimenting and “coming out” out as gay. Until science is able to absolutely declare mathematically sound data that this is in fact a natural state, why are we so intent on accepting and promoting a perversion of natural and moral law? Once, it was an abomination on a par with child molesting and now it is an acceptable behaviour. What is this saying about this country?’

What it’s saying my dear, that perhaps our health service needs to take a closer look at who it’s employing in its A&E departments.

A quick view through her profile and I see Mary-Anne wearing poly blends of clothing. Something that a ‘traditional Bible believing Christian’ should know is a complete no, no.

shop dildos for gay sex

Also as someone who must be educated in science and medicine, we’re wondering where exactly is this well researched data is about the homosexual/HIV scare factor she mentions.

People didn’t just stop being gay because of HIV/AIDS, you’ll find that many people went into hiding because of the terrible stigma attached to the epidemic.

Oh and by-the-way, they’ve also just announced that the BNP would restore public hangings.

About the author: Jake Hook
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