The X Factor star says he now feels comfortable having put on 3 stone in weight.

The X Factor star says he now feels comfortable having put on 3 stone in weight.

X Factor star Christopher Maloney, 40, says he now feels comfortable with his body after body dysmorphia left him unable to leave his home for 18 months. He says he’s put on three stone since July and now feels really comfortable with his body weight.

Appearing on Loose Women in a Santa costume the singer revealed that he had put on three stone since his last appearance in July, after seeking treatment for his body dysmorphia. He told the Loose Women panel that he had 30 sessions of Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) which he believes has put his dysmorphia in “remission”.


Yesterday he told the panel,”‘I feel fantastic since I was last on the show. I was 11 stone when I came on and now I’m 14-and-a-half. When I had the treatment, the TMS treatment, I gained from eating stuff.

He continued, “I used to feel very guilty about eating. It used to upset me but now I’m just eating and putting on healthy weight.

Christopher went on to say, “I had counselling and treatment in August and my body dysmorphia has gone into remission, I’m really relieved.

He told the panel that after his previous appearance on the show in July he was left with cripling depression, after being made to view his body in a mirror. When he left the show he found out about TMS and went on a course, which is available on the NHS but only in Northampton.

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From August he had 30 sessions of TMS which he said helped him with his issues.

At the time the show’s producers were criticised for putting him through the ordeal of looking at his reflection. Christopher was left visibly shaken after the experience.

Speaking about what he’s up to now he revealed that he’s currently playing Prince Charming in panto, which he says he would have previously turned down because of the way he felt about his body.

He told the panel, “I’m playing Prince Charming in panto. I’ve turned down roles because of the way I looked in the past, I usually pay the baddie to hide underneath a wig.”

He was also promoting his autobiography, Wildcard, which was out at the beginning of the month.