COLUMN | An MP’s Marriage Proposal

I just loved the proposal during the debate about same-sex marriage in Australia. The time and the place.

Australian MP Tim Wilson gave an impassioned and emotional speech with his longtime partner watching from the public gallery.

Wilson said the debate over same-sex marriage was in many ways a “soundtrack to our relationship.” By this time he was already choking up with the emotion and significance to him of what he was about to say next.

With a tear in his eye and a quivering voice he said “So there’s only one thing left to do,” and looking up to his partner in the public gallery he asked, “Ryan Patrick Bolger will you marry me?” The smile on his partner’s face was a beauty to behold and in a single word he confirmed his love with his reply “Yes.”

Recorded as part of the debate and with speaker of the house confirming a resounding “yes” as the answer to the question he extended his congratulations

In a room full of mainly middle-aged or older men a ripple of applause rang out and there were visible smiles among the assembled delegates.

Personally, I realised the proposal had moved me greatly as tears ran down my cheeks and I heard myself sob. ‘Sentimental old fool’

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