Lewis Fellows ponders the questions about the labels we give ourselves in the LGBT community in his new column Just A Quickie.

I started researching before this piece and was utterly overwhelmed. There are a plethora of types of gay. There are the more common breeds such as Twinks, Bears, Cubs, Daddies, Drag Queens etc and then there are the lesser known: Art Fags, Gay-Listers (These may well be well known type, although they’re new to me and I’m in AWE of them, Gay – Listers are essentially rich gay guys) and Circuit Boys…


Some are utterly hilarious, I was informed the other day that a gay guy who dates a gay Asian is called a “Rice Queen” I’m in hysterics. Seriously that is BRILLIANT.


Then there is the good ol’ Show Queen. The more clichéd of the gay community, I fall into this category. Christ, I’m listening to Judy G as I write this very article.


Then there are our female counterparts. “Fag Hags” although I’ve been informed the CORRECT term is “Fruit Flies”. Let’s stick to hags shall we? It just rolls of the tongue.

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Although. Many won’t fall into any of these categories. What happens to those guys? Not everyone likes to be categorised, but I like it, it’s nice to be part of a wider community, whether you’re obsessed with Streisand, sticking on the rouge to entertain or have some gentlemen caller shackled up in the boudoir. Each to their own, fellas.


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All I’m saying is, for those who don’t fall into a category, they may feel as if they are missing out, or enjoy the individuality. I’d very much like to hear your thoughts on the matter.


Until next time my darlings. *Gives a sultry wink*

About the author: Lewis Fellows
Lewis is quite possibly the most clichéd gay among us. His wardrobe is mostly sarongs; he is obsessed with Judy Garland and enjoys 1 or maybe 5 cocktails a night. He bases his love life on that of Glenn Close’s in Fatal Attraction. Shockingly he is single. Despite this he is unspeakably fabulous. He is a gay activist and enjoys strolls along the beach...with a large net in which to catch men.

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