When drag is done badly – it’s hilarious, when it’s done well – it’s tremendous, when it’s done like the Supreme Fabulettes it’s phenomenal.

As Miss Mary Mac, Miss Vanilla Lush and Miss Vicki Vivacious shimmy and sing to a soundtrack of the 60s and beyond you start to wonder ‘Where have these girls been all my life?’


What makes this show extraordinary are their vocals. The harmonies, the power and the panache at which the Supreme Fabulettes deliver every lick, line and lyric is outstanding. When the trio sing ‘One Night Only’ you really feel the punch as they soar into the chorus. These girls are singing for their lives. These aren’t just any drag performers these are fabulous ones. Perfect and preened to within an inch of their 7inch stilettos – yes I noticed the hot pink ankle killers.
All too often, drag can become a car crash miming event with the same routine over and over but this is true performance. It’s an art. Tirelessly rehearsed with their wonderful creative team: Terry Ronald (Vocal arrangements, John Themis (Musical Arrangement) Stevie Stewart (Costume Design) and Eleanor Robyn Thomas (Wig Stylist).
The routines are as tight as their dresses and the extravaganza is a slick two 45 minute act show and integrates a multimedia mashup with video exerts and sparkly, wondrous costume changes all within a batting of a quarter inch eyelash. It’s a journey from Supremes to Adele, Amy to Kylie, streamlined to Concorde perfection.

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I urge you to go and see them as their new show’s run is limited and when drag is done like this it shouldn’t be missed. I can’t deny I’m a fan. I’m starting a campaign #IWantToBeAFabulette.
The Supreme Fabulettes are performing at:
Volupte Lounge 18th October 2012

Madame Jo Jos 24th October 2012

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Royal Vauxhall Tavern 25th October 2012

About the author: Jake Hook
The editor and chief of THEGAYUK. All in a previous life wrote and produced songs on multi-platinum records.