The computer game, Football Manager is to feature gay players. I find this one of the most refreshing and liberating moves of 2017.

Although it also angers me that it’s taken until 2017 for it to happen. And it’s so shocking that modern male British football is still waiting for its first openly gay player.

I find it incredibly weird that homosexuality still seems to be a problem in football. It’s absolutely crazy that in this day and age, we are still in a world where people can’t be themselves.

I’m hoping this computer game will be a massive boost in combating homophobia that stems from football fans. Especially the young teenage fans who will be playing football manager.


From what I’ve read about this game, I feel it will create a really a positive message. Yes, there are some amazing footballers who also happen to fancy men. Now let’s move on.

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This is what shocks me. The statistic that 8 percent of football fans said they would stop watching their team if it had a gay player. WTF! That shocks me to my very core.

I’ve got a message for you 8 percent. I’m sure your teams won’t miss you or your homopnarrow-minded minded, bigoted support.

I look forward to the day when anyone involved in football feels 100% comfortable with sexuality. Of course, I’m not naive enough to believe that this computer game is the answer to the problem. But at least it’s a start in normalising homosexuality in football.

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