Ex-Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford has died at the age of 46.

The ex-Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, who divided the LGBT community in 2013, has died at the age of 46. He was the Mayor between 2010 and 2014.


In 2013 the then Mayor stood accused of requesting that the rainbow flag be removed during a time it was flying to show solidarity with Russia’s LGBT community during the Sochi Winter Olympics. He said,

This is about Olympics, This is about being patriotic to your country, this is not about someone’s sexual preference.”

In 2014 Ford was the only person on the Toronto City Council to vote against the LGBT homelessness proposal – a policy which would help homeless LGBT teens.


Mr. Ford’s family confirmed in a statement that he died from a rare form of cancer which he started treatment for in 2014.

The statement read,

“With heavy hearts and profound sadness, the Ford family announces the passing of their beloved son, brother, husband, and father, Councillor Rob Ford earlier today at the age of 46.

“A dedicated man of the people, Councillor Ford spent his life serving the citizens of Toronto.

He is survived by his wife Renata and his two children, Stephanie and Doug.

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