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It’s been well over 100 days since the UK went into lockdown at the end of March and its citizens were heavily restricted in order to “flatten the curve” of the Coronavirus.

But as these restrictions are slowly lifted and certain elements of lockdown have been eased or removed, we ask, what does the government say about meeting with people for sex – especially when it comes to Grindr or dating hookups?

Of course, the government doesn’t specifically mention hook up apps or whether you can meet with someone for specifically for the purposes of sex, however, it has outlined its guidelines when it comes to inviting people from other households into your own.

Can I invite someone over from Grindr, Jack’d, Hornet or Scuff?

There’s no overriding rule for the UK, each of the four nations, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales all have their own regulations and rules when it’s come to their coronavirus response.

In England, you can have someone from a different household enter your home. The government advises against socialising in groups of more than two households. This means you could have a hook up with someone, the question is, should you? That is up to you in the end.

The government does recommend physical distancing and good hygiene practices. You may not stay overnight at someone’s house unless they are part of your “bubble”.

In Scotland, you can meet up with 2 other households at a time in your own home. However, the Scottish government is warning people to maintain a physical distance of 2 metres “at all times”.

In Wales, two or more households can become an “extended household” which allows them to “have physical contact and stay in each other’s homes.” The Welsh government says that all other households have to meet outdoors.

In Northern Ireland, since the 23rd June meetings of up to six people have been permitted. However, the government in Northern Ireland suggest limiting the duration of the visits, ensuring good ventilation, maintaining good hand hygiene and physical distancing where possible. Overnight stays are not permitted.

Did you have a hook up during the lockdown?

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Remember, Covid-19 is still prevalent in the UK and it highly transmittable.

Back in March our Agony Uncle, said that if people were going to continue to hook up that it would be a good opportunity to talk to partners about their health and their safety.

He wrote, “I think coronavirus could be a good engine for change or adaptation for our community. It might invite us to start talking more openly about our sexual health, testing and well-being in general and there’s no harm in having a conversation with someone about their health before you hook up.

“The more we talk about these things, hopefully, the less stigma there is attached to our health”.

You should swap contact details with people you hook up with to help with track and trace.
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It’d also be wise to make sure you have the contact details of any of that you do have sex with, in order to help with any tracking or tracing, in case you or they become infected with Covid-19.

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What about sexual health services are they open?

Not exactly, unfortunately, many of the UK’s sexual health services are not open to bookings for regular sexual health checkups – but to a phone triage service.

Back in May, Doctor Naomi Sutton took to Twitter to remind followers that the NHS sexual services were still available and that anyone who needed them should phone their usual sexual health clinic and access the current phone consulting services being offered.

She told us, “Sexual health services are operating phone consultations, posting contraception, screening tests and medication when needed and seeing patients face to face where necessary”

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