Darren Hayes | I’m Envious Of Adam Lambert!

Former Savage Garden frontman Darren Hayes has told THEGAYUK how much he admires openly gay singers in today’s industry.

Adam Lambert
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Speaking to The Gay UK, hit maker Darren Hayes, has said how he’s envious of singers such as Adam Lambert and Sam Smith who have been open about their sexuality from the start of their careers.

Darren Hayes
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Darren (pictured above), who fronted Savage Garden from 1993 and had worldwide hits with songs such as Truly Madly Deeply and To The Moon And Back, praised American Idol’s Adam Lambert for his openness whilst reflecting on his days as Savage Garden’s lead singer.





Speaking about when he came out, Darren told us,

“When I (came out as)  gay I wasn’t worried about losing money. I was worried about committing suicide because I was so sad in my own self. I hated myself and I think if there was ever a fear it was just that people wouldn’t love me, people wouldn’t like me.”

When asked if it was refreshing to see so many openly gay musicians like Adam Lambert, Darren replied,


“I’m envious of Adam Lambert. I love his journey.

“I totally relate to Adam. You end up growing out of that when you can’t fit into those clothes but I admire him.

“He’s such a beautiful creature.”

Adam Lambert came out after his appearance on the 8th series of American Idol in an interview in Rolling Stone in 2009.

In 2014 Adam Lambert spoke openly about having his and Sam Smith’s sexuality discussed in public and noted that coming out, even for artists today was still a “drama or talking point”.


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CREDIT: kathclick / bigstock
CREDIT: kathclick / bigstock


Darren then went on to praise Stay With Me hit maker Sam Smith saying,

“His voice is so beautiful and I think that it would be just unnecessary.

“…His journey has been inspiring and I think it’s just an indication of the years that we grew up in.”


Read our full interview with Darren Hayes here

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4 thoughts on “Darren Hayes | I’m Envious Of Adam Lambert!

  1. I remember how excited and relieved
    I was when Adam declared his sexuality immediately after American Idol. He’s such an open, gregarious person and the thought that he would have to pretend anything would have been heartbreaking. There’s no doubt it impacted his career trajectory but look at him now, selling out venues on his own as well as with Queen and living life to the fullest. Yay for changing attitudes, at least to a certain degree.

  2. Adam is an inspiration for so very many reasons. His openness about his sexuality, his message of acceptance for everyone, his extraordinary talent and the eye candy which sends so many of us to the moon. I for one have been invigorated, I dance, bought glitter nail polish for the first time in my life and in general just take better care of myself. And yes, the life was sparked back into me by Adam! My whole attitude has changed…and I thank him for that very much!!!!! Go Glamberts!

  3. Sorry, but I must correct you. Adam Lambert came out when he was around 18 years old, this has been covered extensively in various media including 20/20 special in 2010 – it’s on youtube if you’re interested). He worked as an openly gay & proud singer and actor for years before auditioning for American Idol & there were plenty of pics of him kissing dudes available for all to see. But many people just refused to “believe” it because…. homophobia. He was obliged to make a public statement via Rolling Stone to confirm all the rampant speculation after Idol finished & he was able to speak to the media. Sam was not out at the beginning of his career, he, like most artists, came out after his music was successful. In fact, most people I know have no idea Sam Smith is gay.

    1. Terrance is correct Adam Lambert came out as gay at age 18. He paved the way for other gay artists and took a lot of criticism and hate b4 being accepted. Sam didn’t until he was successful. Darren Hayes is a very talented and nice person.

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