Organisers of the Eurovision Song Contest have been criticised by the Welsh Lib Dems after the Welsh flag was banned.

Eurovision 2016


The Welsh flag has been banned from being waved at the Eurovision Song Contest by organisers despite  one of the UK’s entrants, Joe Woolford, being from Wales. Eurovision have banned the Welsh flag – along with the Islamic State flag, because it says only flags of contest members and UN states can be flown.

Peter Black, the Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly candidate for South Wales has expressed his outrage over Eurovision’s decision to ban the waving of the Welsh flag at this year’s Eurovision contest.




However Mr. Black did praise the decision that the LGBT rainbow flag could be flown. The Eurovision organisers said that Rainbow flags could be waved as long as they are not waved in a “political” manner.

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Mr Black said,

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“It is disappointing that the Welsh flag has been banned from Eurovision. Lumping it in with flags of terrorists like Islamic State is outrageous.

“Half of the UK’s entry this year, Joe Woolford, is from Ruthin and fans should be able to celebrate this with a Welsh flag.

“I welcome the fact the LGBT rainbow flag can be waved, however I have no idea whatsoever what they mean by warning people not to wave it in a ‘political’ manner”.

Romania was recently booted from the competition after its State television broadcaster failed to pay its bills.


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