David Walliams Blasted For “Gay” Act On Britain’s Got Talent

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David Walliams has been blasted on social media for acting “gay” whilst judging on Britain’s Got Talent.

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UPDATED: 23/05/16 8:32

The Britain’s Got Talent judge, David Walliams has been criticised for ‘pretending to be gay’.

Fans of the show took to social media to question David’s sexuality and many suggesting that David’s behaviour was offensive and insulting, when using overtly camp gestures or using homosexual innuendos for laughs.

The comedian, who was married to Lara Stone for five years often uses attraction to men to get laughs from live audiences, but has hinted that the gender of a potential partner isn’t so important, suggesting that someone’s ‘heart and soul’ is more important than their sex.



Comments appeared on Twitter after David became excited when contestant act Charlie Placais exposed his chest on stage. David ran after him as he attempted to leave the stage – and hugged his naked torso.


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David Walliams, whose marriage to Lara Stone ended last year hinted that he could potentially fall for either a man or a woman and has suggested that “things can change for people over the years,” during an interview with the Radio Times.

He explained that love is about falling in love with someone’s ‘soul, heart and brain’, rather than by their gender.

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