Mykki and Delta

Rapper Mykki Blanco has reported on Twitter that a passenger sitting in the next seat had the police called because Delta Airlines allowed “someone like me” on board.

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Mykki Blanco, real name Michael Quattlebaum Jr,  was taking a flight on board a Delta Airlines flight from Toronto to Detroit when the man in the next seat had the police called. According to Mykki, the passenger said he was “not comfortable” and didn’t know how Delta allowed someone like Mykki to board the plane and sit next to him.


When questioned by the police, Mykki said a police officer told him that an FBI report would be made about the “interaction” between the entertainer and the other passenger. Mykki refutes that any interaction happened and insists ” I slept through the entire flight”


Mykki hopes the Delta cabin crew would be able to back up the statement about being asleep during the flight.

According to the entertainer’s own report, the police told Mykki that he would “go to jail” if he continued to ask why the police were giving preferential to the man who made the report.


Mykki has said that this was the most “bizarre” form of homophobia the artist has ever experienced.

A Delta customer service rep was quick to respond on Twitter saying, that they couldn’t believe their eyes and that they were “sorry” for the experience. They said that “discrimination of any kind” was not tolerated onboard their flights and that they “Love” all their passengers.


THEGAYUK has reached out to Delta for comment.


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