Messy office desk

Those things we do that are totally assholely


1) Passive aggressive emailing when you don’t get the answer you want.

2) Not putting an “xx” after your name when someone else has in their email.

3) Using up the last of the milk/teabags/chocolate digestives and not replacing them.

4) Leaving your washing up in the sink for someone else to clean it up.

5) CCing a non-responder’s boss on email – why don’t you just call them!

6) Not going for drinks/birthdays/parties

7) Getting “offended” at every little thing. Life’s short smile once in a while

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8) Have the messiest desk ever.

Messy office desk

9) Eating your smelly food at your desk.

10. Constant, constant, constant interruptions.

11. When you’re on a “go slow”

12. Take personal calls that EVERYONE can hear.

13. Coming into work when you’ve got a stinking cold or flu.

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14. Go hard on the aftershave.

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