Here’s why you should never charge your phone in public

You could be opening yourself up to a hacking of a lifetime if you charge your phone in a public place.

CREDIT: FreePhonesART / Pixabay

Apparently, hackers are now able to compromise plugs in public spaces, meaning if you need to charge your phone from an electrical outline which has been tampered with, your phone and all its personal information could be stolen.

Speaking to CNN Drew Paik of security firm Authentic8 told CNN.

“Just by plugging your phone into a [compromised] power strip or charger, your device is now infected, and that compromises all your data”.

The compromised outlet could leech your personal data via the phone’s USB cable, stealing your contacts, photos and possibly even your banking details, if you have them stored on your phone.

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There’s no way to tell if a plug, in a public space, has been tampered with – so it might just be safer to have a dead battery or buy yourself a battery pack. We loved the Solar powered one from G:roove

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