It is with some hesitation that I do anything to interfere with my face. Creams yes, pills yes, needles in the face in the name of a more youthful complexion? I wasn’t so sure.

With images of Kim Kardashian’s blood soak vampire facial in my mind I headed to RUSH in Piccadilly, in my lunch break to meet Epsom Skin Clinic’s senior specialist Charlotte Botting. After asking what I thought my problem areas were, (all of it) she talked through the pros of the eDermastamp treatment and its benefits. I was assured that this was the treatment that would work best for me.

First off you have to understand why we start to look craggy after the age of thirty. Collagen, your natural youth serum and the compound that gives your skin its natural elasticity stops producing. Collagen’s job is to create mesh like bonds which keep the skin firm and stop it sagging. When we are younger skin is made up of around 80% collagen.

The eDermastamp process is rather simple I’m told. Using a pen like device the specialist literally roles six fine precision needles across your entire face. The 1.5 millimetre needles cause controlled trauma under the skin, stimulating cell proliferation, which results in new collagen formation, the body’s natural healing chemical and youth maker, rushes to the area to repair the damage. It sounds horrific and painful – but in truth it isn’t.

First off, your face is thoroughly cleansed and carefully numbed with a cooling antiseptic and anaesthetic cream. Charlotte, put me at ease with her friendly banter and chat, she tells me that she’s tried all of her treatments, I try to raise my eyebrows to question this (as she looks just incredible and not at all like a reality TV star on some obscure digital channel…), but I find the anaesthetic has done its job rendering my eyelids somewhat useless. Then it begins. I brace myself; fear for the worst yet nothing more than a light humming vibrating saunters across my forehead. If you’ve had microdermabrasion, this is actually less painful – and MDB isn’t painful at all.

Carefully my faced is circled, every inch was “stamped”, there were more tender moments, around the nose and above the eyes where it’s a little more uncomfortable, but that’s all it is – discomfort, nothing more that a light scratching, which lasts around 5 seconds.

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After, I’m red and a little puffy, but I’m told this will go away in 24 to 48 hours, which it does. So it would make sense to not have any big events planned in the days after your treatment. As for any discomfort felt in the days following, I would say, no worse than mild sunburn for 24 hours and very mild bruising for up to three days after. Simply put it doesn’t hurt.

A week after, I’m starting to see the signs that this actually works and within a week and a half I’m looking younger, fresher and tighter, but in a good way, not in a I’m about to appear in a Celebrity Big Brother way. Now 6 weeks after the treatment my skin still looks great – and tighter and I’m not even having to stick to any daily skin regime. It almost feels naughty, like I’ve cheated ten years off.

Gentle polling of friends and strangers, I ask how old I look – anything from 7 to 10 years younger than I actually am… My lunchtime facelift has been completely successful.

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For £125 this could become my new skincare regime.

Find out more visit Epsom Skin Clinics or call: 01372 737280

About the author: Jake Hook
The editor and chief of THEGAYUK. All in a previous life wrote and produced songs on multi-platinum records.