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  • TODAY IN GAY: Dan Savage launches Savage Lovecast

    TODAY IN GAY: Dan Savage launches Savage Lovecast

    Back in 2006- Podcasting was a brand new venture. It promised hours and hours of free content. You no longer had to stick to the radio schedules and everybody suddenly had the chance to become an internet radio presenter. Dan Savage started the Savage Lovecast in 2006 and it has become one of the most […]

  • Reaction to UK vote to leaving the UK

    Here’s a look at the reaction from those in the LGBT community after the UK voted to leave the EU. The votes are in and the UK has voted, with a tiny majority, to leave the EU. Here’s what members of the LGBT community had to say. Marcus Collins, singer and actor Congratulations Great Britain… […]

  • Gay Stars Show Off Their Christmas Trees

    These gay stars have shared their Christmas Tree wonderness with the world. We’re just days away from Christmas and the stars are starting to showcase their Christmas tree prowess… Here are a few of our favourites Neil Patrick Harris Rylan Clark Timmy Matley and Lachie Chapman from The Overtones Brian Friedman Former X Factor Creative […]

  • Do I Sound Gay?

    Of course you do, and so do we, Thank God! When forty-something-year-old American journalist DAVID THORPE suddenly found himself single again he started to question what was wrong with him.  He thought it could be the fact that he sounded gay, so he set about delving into the whole issue of how he spoke to see if he could […]

  • Gay celebs with big age gaps, showing that age is just a number

    Gay celebs with big age gaps, showing that age is just a number

    What’s age… it’s just a number after all. Here are some celebrity pairings that we’ve found have quite a large age gap. Not that it matters of course. Dan Savage and Terry Miller (6 years) Okay, so the age gap between Terry Miller and Dan Savage is not so big, but this power couple have […]

  • Gay Couple To Join Channel 4’s Sex Box

    A gay couple take part in a sex experience in front of live studio audience for a Channel 4 progamme that aims to look at the sex lives of normal Britons. Three couples, which includes an engaged couple who were childhood sweethearts, a gay couple who have been together for 3 years and couple in […]