Dr Ranj hits out a Piers Morgan over trans jokes

Today Piers Morgan identified as slim, calling himself Trans Slender.

Strictly Come Dancing star Doctor Ranj hit out at Piers Morgan today saying he was getting tired of the “gender related” jokes that the GMB presenter was making.

The doctor, who is out and proud, went on to say that the jokes said by Piers could be harmful to vulnerable people and implored Piers, as a medical professional to stop doing it – a request that didn’t go down too well with the ever outspoken Piers.


The plea for the jokes to stop came after Piers posted a Tweet in which he called himself “trans slender”. The presenter also, during a live broadcast, on Good Morning Britain said that he was identifying as a skinny person.

In his response to Dr Ranj, Piers wrote, “Hi Ranj, I am getting a little tired of humourless ‘woke’ berks like you telling me what gender-related jokes I can & can’t make on TV for entertainment… I implore you: PLEASE don’t do it.”


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