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Turns out you may have been douching wrong all this time

Do you douche?

If you do how to do you do it? With a bulb douche or with a shower hose? Well, one doctor, Doctor Goldstein from Bespoke Surgical New York, USA, speaking on the Talk About Gay Sex Podcast said that if you use a shower hose that you need to take care and keep a steady flow, much like a colonic.


Dr Goldstein did warn that using a shower hose wasn’t the safest way of making sure your booty was anal sex ready, as water pressure and temperature can cause damage, but he also warned that excessive douching will get rid of the good, essential bacteria in your gut.

However, if you are going to use a shower douche he advises that shooting water up your rectum, holding it inside you and then letting the water go, isn’t the optimum way of getting clean or keeping your ass safe.

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Instead the Doc suggested a more steady approach revealing, “the key is kinda like a colonic, where water is going in and water is going out, so that you’re never filling up” was the best way to make sure you get everything right, adding “it’s not the way to roll”.

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He also suggested that when it comes to douching that “less is more”.

So there you have it. Less it more and think colonic!