"I may have had to endure homophobic bulling as a child, but I will not tolerate it as an adult"

Laurence Fox is now facing two defamation lawsuits after RuPaul Drag Race UK star Crystal confirmed that she had also engaged a lawyer to sue the actor turned politician.

Taking to social media, Crystal wrote: “In response to my criticism on Sunday, Mr Fox seriously defamed me, and I have instructed Mark Lewis of Patron Law to sue on my behalf”.

She added, “An accusation of paedophilia is one of the oldest homophobic tropes and it was very shocking to have that levelled at me, not just by Mr Fox, but also his many followers who believed him.

“I may have had to endure homophobic bullying as a child, but I will not tolerate it as an adult”.


Mark Lewis is also representing Simon Blake, the deputy chair of Stonewall.

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“Language is powerful”

In a defense of his words, Fox wrote on Twitter, “Language is powerful. To accuse someone of racism without any evidence whatsoever to back up that accusation is a deep slander. It carries the same stigma and reputation destroying harm as accusing someone of paedophilia. Here endeth the lesson”.

He also added, “If the game nowadays is to throw baseless insults and accusations about, then we should all be free to participate.

“Having said that, I have deleted the tweets posted yesterday, in response to being repeatedly, continuously and falsely smeared as a racist, as they just serve as a distraction to the important work that needs to be done”.