London Live, the new 24/7 entertainment channel for London last night premiered the latest episode of Drag Queens of London, which saw Silver Summers (Bobby Houston) and his best friend Vanity Von Glow (Thom Glow) make a trip up to Bobby’s home town of Glasgow to perform in drag in front of his family for the very first time.

Bobby is unsure if his family will come and if they do, will they proud? Clearly one of the most important gigs of his life, Bobby is undoubtedly nervous and is delighted to spot his mum sister and brother in law in the audience – though his dad is nowhere to be found. Tears of joy and sadness are shared amongst all the family, and Bobby cannot hide the disappointment. The episode ends with Bobby’s heart-breaking realisation that his dad cannot accept and support his own son’s career choice and it seems unlikely that his dad will ever watch him perform on stage.

London Live can exclusively reveal that, after watching the first episode which aired last week (Tuesday 22nd April), Bobby’s dad reached out and said how proud he is of his son, and the pair have now reconciled.

Bobby said “I was really surprised when I heard he’d watched the show last week. And when he got in touch to tell me he was proud of me it literally meant the world to me. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t anticipate it. It means so much to me. He’d always appreciated that I wanted to be a performer, but he never could have imagined that I’d find success as a girl. My Dad was born and bred in Glasgow. He’s such a Scottish Dad – ultra masculine – working in construction.

We’ve been through stuff just like in every father and son relationship, but it’s been good in adult life. I think it’s difficult for him to see me in drag because I make such a convincing girl. He wants to see me as his son. It’s because of that he never allowed himself to watch my YouTube videos or see me perform. He just really didn’t get me performing as a drag queen. I’m so so happy that he now gets it and he’s proud of me, his son”.


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Head of Programming, Jonathan Boseley said

“The entire team at London Live are delighted that the show has helped Bobby Houston revive his relationship with his dad. Drag Queens of London is compelling, funny and hugely entertaining and we are so proud that the show is making a huge impact and most of all it is literally changing lives.”


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