Ian Hislop is probably most famous for being a longstanding guest on Have I Got News For You and for his work in Private Eye.

Ian Hislop is probably most famous for being a longstanding presenter on Have I Got News For You and for his work in Private Eye.

Is Ian Hislop gay,

Having made his name as a longstanding presenter on the satirical show, Have I Got News For You, we look into what else we know about Ian Hislop

Is Ian Hislop gay or bisexual?

No, Ian doesn’t identify as gay or bisexual. He has been married to a person of the opposite sex since 1988. Together they have two children, Emily who was born in 1990 and William who was born in 1993, both were born in London.

Is Ian Hislop married?

Yes, Welsh-born Ian is married. He married author Victoria Hamson in Oxford in 1988. Interestingly, in 2010 Hislop played a small role in the Greek television series The Island, which was based on his wife’s bestselling novel.

What is Ian Hislop’s net worth?

Some sources have Ian’s net worth pegged at $10 million, mainly thanks to property he bought a while back. WhatNetWorth also reports that he is paid $800,000 for his work with the satirical magazine, Private Eye. However, due to the nature of the magazine, he is reputedly the most sued man in English legal history according to sources. He is also an authour having written four books.

How old is Ian Hislop?

Ian was born to a Scottish father and a Channel Islander mother in Mumbles in Swansea in Wales in July 1960 which makes him 58 in 2019

Ian standing alongside his co-star on Have I Got News For You, Paul Merton.

How tall is Ian Hislop?

Ian is 5 foot and 6 inches which puts him at just below average height for a man in the UK.

Is Ian Hislop right wing or left wing

During his time Ian has been politically critical of all the major political parties. In 2008, however, he praised the Liberal Democrats’ Vince Cable and quipped that he was “standing for them”.

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He also joked that he was in favour of coalition government in 2010 remarking,”I like the idea of this coalition neutralising the loonies on both sides”.

Is Ian Hislop pro or anti-EU?

Ian has been very critical of the EU’s leadership and called for a referendum on the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe in a 2003 recording of Have I Got News for You. However after Leave won the referendum he said on Question Time, “after an election or a referendum, even if you lose the vote, you are entitled to go on making the argument”.

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