We’re hoping she feels “much betta” soon

Drag Race UK superstar Baga Chipz has had to pull out of a performance in Belfast, Northern Ireland, this weekend, after being advised to stay at home and rest up.

The Queen, who came third in the first-ever series of Drag Race UK took to Twitter to apologise to fans for having to cancel her scheduled performance, saying, that she had “been advised to stay home due to not feeling very well”.

As Europe has become the “epic-centre” of the Coronavirus outbreak, it’s probably wise not to make any travel or work arrangements if you’re feeling unwell.

Has Coronavirus made you more wary about going to bars, pubs and clubs?

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She then shared that she had “cough and flu like symptoms”.

She also added that although it might be just a run-of-the-mill cold or that she was just feeling run down, she felt that “it wouldn’t be fair to potentially put people at risk”.

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Last week, RuPaul’s LA Drag Race Convention in May was cancelled after organisers decided to postpone the event until 2021.

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