The Daily Express has been slammed for publishing a column by anti-equality, former Conservative minister, Ann Widdecombe.

In the column, which saw Widdecombe’s name trending on Twitter last night (13th March), the right-wing politician wrote, “We have had the scare of SARs, bird flu, Ebola and of course AIDS. None proved as devastating as feared.

She also called for “a sense of proportion in the face of the financial markets going into meltdown, aeroplanes being grounded and shops shutting their doors”

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It is to be noted that AIDS, which killed thousands of gay and bi men in the 80s and 90s, has caused over 32 million deaths worldwide. 

The UK’s Pride Organiser’s Network blasted the Daily Express editorial team for allowing the column to be printed.

They wrote, that they had come to “expect offensive, anti LGBTQ+ columns from Ann Widdecombe but comparing the coronavirus to AIDS and then suggesting it won’t be as devastating as feared is VILE!”


It then took the publisher to task saying, “[The Daily Express] should be ashamed for allowing this abhorrent column to be published! #ShameOnYou

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As of yet, the column does not appear on the paper’s online platform.

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