Tom and Dustin

Oscar award winning writer Dustin Lance Black has a request for the UK – he wants us to look after his fiancé as he returns back to the US to finish work.


Tom Daley‘s husband to be, Dustin Lance Black, 41,  has made a special request to the UK – he’s asked that the UK look after his Olympic medalist boyfriend whilst he returns back to the US to finish off working on his latest TV series, When We Rise.

Taking to social media, DLB asked,

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Dear UK, please take good care of this one while I’m away finishing#WhenWeRise. Sad to have to go so soon

His new TV series stars, Mary-Louise Parker, Guy Pierce and Rachel Griffiths and is a “chronicled re-telling the gay rights movement in the United States, beginning with the Stonewall riots in 1969,” according to IMDB.

During the Olympics, DLB set the rumour mill on fire after tweeting that he was a “diving husband” leaving fans believing that he and Tom had tied the knot without telling anyone.

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Don’t worry Dustin, we’ll take good care of Tom!

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