British cross dressing comedian to run for London mayor in plan to move from comedy to politics.

Move over Boris Johnson, Eddie is in town.

Known for his cross dressing, high profile comedy king, Eddy Izzard believes that an injection of comedy will improve life in the UK.


Speaking to the Sun’s TV Biz ( he said: “I’m going to chuck in comedy in six years to go into politics. I’ve proved I can be determined and do things in a different way. And you need comedy in politics. There are lots of decisions to be made and people get bored talking about things that are only slightly different. It’s very dry so you need comedy to make it palatable.”

Mr Izzard recently made a BBC show called, Meet The Izzards, in which geneticists identified that 2.8% of his DNA was Neanderthal.

He said: “The TV project struck a powerful blow against racism by illustrating that the ideal of racial purity was “bullshit” because all humans are related.”


Taking another incredible political step, next March, Izzard plans to run 27 marathons in 27 days, in tribute to the number of years former South African president Nelson Mandela was in captivity.

His first attempt this year was filmed by Sky, and will air later on in the year, however Izzard was forced to abandon the challenge when began to urinate blood.

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He isn’t nervous at failing a second time, saying: “I guarantee I will do it. I will drag myself round. I did think, ‘What if I fail a second time?’ But Mandela tried and failed, tried and failed. Then he had a bit of success and failed. I will do the same thing — I’ll go again until I do it. Mandela is a big hero of mine.”

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