There are over 775,000 Apps in Apple’s App store and around 872 of those are labelled as gay – so, it’s a bit of search to find the right one for you, luckily we’ve done some downloading to find you the good, the best and the brilliant.

Well occupying the top spot is Joel Simkhai’s ubiquitous Grindr App, which has dominated the App scene for a few years now. What started off as a personal hookup App for Simkhai, has literally changed the way gay men date around the globe. Last year we had a chat with the genius behind Grindr – read the interview here.

Bashing. We wrote about this App a short while ago and initially weren’t sure what to think, however on reflection, Bashing is a brilliant App to bring visibility to the hundreds of gay bashings that happen across the world. The developers say, “Sometimes it seems like homophobia is claiming the streets. And in order to address this problem, people need to know what happens and where.”

Pinknews. It’s a must for every gay on the go, keeping you abreast of the homophobic happenings across the globe. Contributed to by a team of journalists Pinknews has won a number of awards for its content and it’s a free App too!

Gaydio. If you like your radio gay, then you have to download Gaydio. Recently Gaydio took over from Gaydar Radio to become the UK’s number 1 gay radio station. Playing a steady stream of current chart hits Gaydio also keeps you informed with daily gay round ups and breaking news from the Sky News Centre.

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My Free Gay Agenda, is a powerful personal calendar app. What we love about the MGA App is its “Today In Gay” feature, which gives you ‘a daily historical synopsis of key “historical events” from the gay community. Insightful – and apparently today in 2005 Alan Cumming launched his fragrance ‘Cumming’ at Fred Segal in Los Angeles.

And finally, well we have to plug our own TheGayUK App.Every gay business, bar, hotel, sauna and sexual health service in the UK listed in one place – and you can find which one is closest to your present location. Plus our full magazine is available for free as well as RSS news feeds from all your favourite news organisations around the world – what more could you want? (Yes there are also pictures of hot mens!)