Bobby Norris hasn’t been to the hairdressers since lockdown began and fans are going wild for his natural curl.

The reality star, turned LGBT+ activist, Bobby Norris has revealed that he’s not been to get his haircut since lockdown began, back in late March and his locks are looking incredible, so much so, fans are begging him not to go back to his old style.

Publishing a picture of his do, Bobby showed off a longer than usual style, complete with natural curls. He captioned the picture, “Has anyone else still not been to the hairdressers since lockdown?!” Fans, of course, went wild for the reveal.

One eager fan wrote, “I love this look! So handsome” while another commented, “I actually think this look suits you so well”.

One fan actually pleaded with the TV star not to cut his hair as it was “blooming gorgeous”.

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Of course, Bobby has been making headlines of late with his crusade of ridding the Internet of homophobic hate, calling upon Boris Johnson and the Tory government to make online trolling illegal in the UK.

Last year the TOWIE star released a petition demanding that the government take action over homophobic hate crime on social media. Within a short period, over 150,000 people signed the petition, meaning that the UK government was obliged to discuss his petition to make online homophobia a specific criminal offence.

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The star often shares the horrific hate and trolling that he receives online.

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