Sometimes dicks have minds of their own... ??‍♂️

Did you know, it’s not that uncommon for guys to lose their boners while they’re bottoming? It could be the horniest thing in the world, but sometimes will all the will in the world, a hard dick can be as elusive a coherent Donald Trump press conference.

A cock that won’t play along can cause frustration both for the bottom and top. For the guy being penetrated a flaccid peen can be a cause for concern, for the top – there’s always the worry that their partner isn’t having a good time. Rest assured, a flaccid penis while being fucked is that not uncommon for the bottom, and tops – it doesn’t necessarily mean your partner is having a bad time.

So why does it happen?

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Well, no one quite knows and it might not be a one answer fits all scenario. Some guys lose their erections because of alcohol, chems or even sniffing poppers. Some can lose it because they’re concentrating on other things, like relaxing or tensing – depending on what’s happening down there, some may lose their erections because of medical issues, like prostate cancer recovery, or certain types of doctor-prescribed medications. The key is not freak out about it. Keep an eye on the situation and get to know your body and how it reacts.

However, if you think your erection issues might be caused by something else, it’s always worth reaching out and having a chat with your doctor.


Remember not every sexual encounter has to have a solid hard erection in order for it to be a successful sexual encounter. Nor does it have to end in everyone climaxing. If you’re having fun and both having a good time and there’s no pain (outside of the normal feelings of anal sex) then crack on.

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