SImon Cowell

People have been questioning whether they saw Simon Cowell’s penis over the weekend…

SImon Cowell
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So some people thought they caught a glimpse of a Cowell cock during this weekend’s “Judge’s Houses” episode of X FACTOR. Did they?


Simon Cowell was joined by two Spice Girls, Mel B and Emma Bunton to select three hopefuls for the forthcoming marathon of live shows to be become Britain’s Next Top Ignored Popstar.

During the selection process, as Cowell had his legs crossed, people started to question what exactly was going on between his legs.


So obviously we did a little bit of investigation into what has now been dubbed as “toegate”.

Basically, we looked a little harder at the evidence and it turns out that it’s just Cowell’s toe and the music mogul himself reckons it a large toe at that.

Simon was forced to admit that the toe’s placement was indeed an embarrassment for him. He told Rylan Clark and Matt Edmonson on the Xtra Factor,

“It was just my toe. It was quite embarrassing when I saw it online but it was just my toe.

“I have a very large toe.”


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Thank goodness.


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