Speaking to The Tudor Trust, The Gay UK has learnt that funding for troubled community radio station Fever 107.3 FM has ended.

Speaking to the Head of Fund management Laura Bowman said:

‘We are aware (of the OfCom upheld complaint) and our funding has actually ended. I am waiting for a response from them (Fever FM) about the situation and what they’re doing to ensure that something like this never happens again.’



The Leeds based radio station was reported to Ofcom the UK’s communications industry regulator after one of its presenters Sister Ruby, real name Rubina Nasir, made calls for gay people to be beaten, humiliated, tortured and punished.


Ofcom declared the comments were “likely to encourage or incite the commission of crime”.

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The Tudor Trust had given Fever 107.3 FM a three year grant. The incident happened in the last year of funding.

‘We’d want to see them make proactive steps to ensure that their broadcasts are fair and in line with community radio guidelines.’ Ms. Bowman said from The Tudor Trust

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