Top Homophobic Celebrity Tweets

Some celebrities just don’t know when to quit, do they? We’ve been searching high and low for those Celebs who have tweeted something homophobic.

The word “Faggot” has been used million times of times. According to, it’s been used over 34,000,000 times on Twitter since 2012. It shows just how far we’ve yet to go. However what is more distressing is that the celeb world has also had its fair share of anti-gay Tweeting action. We’ve done some digging and here are our top celebrity twitter gaffes.

First up is Burnley footballer Andre Gray who posted a number of homophobic and offensive tweets in 2012. He was fined £25,000 and banned from four games.

One tweet read,

shop dildos for gay sex
shop dildos for gay sex

‘Is it me or are there gays everywhere? #Burn #Die #Makesmesick.’

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