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  • FILM REVIEW | Patrick – Clothes not needed

    FILM REVIEW | Patrick – Clothes not needed

    Patrick has lost his hammer, and he’s also lost his clothes! You see Patrick (Kevin Jannsens), in the new film simply called ‘Patrick,’ works at a nudist camp deep in the woods in a remote area in Belgium. It’s a nudist camp his father owns, and where, along with his mother, all share a home […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Eurovision Song Contest The Story Of Fire Saga

    FILM REVIEW | Eurovision Song Contest The Story Of Fire Saga

    EUROVISION SONG CONTEST THE STORY OF FIRE SAGA – A big-budget comedy musical extravaganza about our favourite pan European gay as anything song contest with added Australia of course. A perfect very knowing made with love homage including all the clichés & idiocies from the 64-year-old event which of course this year was postponed due […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Daddy’s Home 2

    DADDY’S HOME 2 – The relatively unwanted sequel to the standard 2015 family comedy but STOP PRESS, shock horror this is really good – hell has just frozen over and pigs are landing at Heathrow & Gatwick. Nutshell – The modern family two fathers one mother is ramped up a notch by the arrival of […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Paddington 2

    PADDINGTON 2 – Your second favourite bear after that hairy muscled gay bloke you met in the darkroom at XXL or Brut is back for a sequel and this time he falls foul of the law and is eating porridge rather than marmalade sandwiches. Nutshell – The most polite Peruvian ursine returns and is in […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

    A cheeky children’s series of novels has now been turned into a gleeful and silly animated film. It’s Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie. Yes, in case you weren’t aware of this popular children’s book series by Dav Pilkey, it has our superhero fighting crime wearing a cape and his white underpants – Y fronts. […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Four Days in France

    ★★ | Four Days in France (Jour de France) is basically one very long advert for Grindr. One man uses the app to find his missing partner – in the middle of France! I can’t even find a shag in my own neighbourhood much less find someone in the middle of nowhere. But that’s the […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Chi-Raq

    FILM REVIEW | Chi-Raq

    ★★ | Chi-Raq Chicago has such a high murder rate that from 2003 to 2011 there were more murders there than in the same years in the Iraq war. On one Independence Day, 55 people were murdered. And in one year alone, 400 school kids were shot. With stats like this, a film with a […]

  • Film Review | SHARED ROOMS

    Film Review | SHARED ROOMS

    ★★★★ | Shared Rooms   The story of a set of three couples grappling with life, love, and children is told in the new gay comedy ‘Shared Rooms.’ Set in Los Angeles, these three couples are all somehow connected to each other. There’s married couple Laslo (Christopher Grant Pearson) and Cal (Alec Manley Wilson) who […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Sausage Party

    FILM REVIEW | Sausage Party

    SAUSAGE PARTY – Very adult full length animation movie about life inside a supermarket for the foodstuffs; Think South Park with a lot more sex jokes and liberal use of the c word… and it is making a fortune. Nutshell – A sausage and his mates start to question that there future may not be […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Set the Thames on Fire

    FILM REVIEW | Set the Thames on Fire

    ★★★★ | Set The Thames On Fire London is slowly being engulfed by water while two young men attempt to survive in a society that’s gone a bit loony in the new film Set the Thames on Fire. Billed as ‘an agony in 3 acts,’ this dystopian fantasy slash black comedy is set in the […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Chicklit – a film about Mommy Porn and BDSM!

    FILM REVIEW | Chicklit – a film about Mommy Porn and BDSM!

    ★★★★ | Chicklit Four men try to cash in on the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon by writing their own racy novel in order to save a local pub in the new film Chicklit. Set in a small village in Norfolk, the whole town seems to be reading She Came in Chains, a new BDSM […]