★★★★ | The Wolf Of Wall Street

Leonardo DiCapro Shines in his latest offering The Wolf Of Wall Street.

Despite its 3 hour run time, The Wolf Of Wall Street managed to entertain – with only one glance to the watch to check on the time.

Following the true story of Jordan Belfort, the film documents the rise and the rise and the eventual fall (but not so hard) of a man who sells penny stocks for over inflated prices – and getting rich, very rich in the process.

Drug fuelled, sex driven and money mad Belfort – slams from Pillar to Post, whipping up a moneyed frenzy in his wake. If you ever want to hear on how to sell anything to anyone, The Wolf Of Wall Street offers an insight into the inner machinations of Wall Street and Stock markets.

Some are saying that the film is glorifying Wall Street and some of its seedier tradings – and I would have to agree, but ultimately, as Belfort says ‘Everyone wants to get rich…’

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There are some real comic genius moments – if you’re a fan of Absolutely Fabulous – DiCaprio pulls off a comedy fall from a helicopter into bushes and then into a pool, that Joanna Lumley’s (who also stars) and Jennifer Saunders’ Eddy and Pats would be proud of.

Ultimately a great performance from DiCaprio, who takes on the role with an unshakable prowess.

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About the author: Jake Hook
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