Donald Trump versus one very old woman in Scotland is the story of the new documentary You’ve Been Trumped Too.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Trump built his Aberdeenshire, Scotland golf course in 2012, disturbing the land and making life hard for the people who didn’t want to sell their land to him. One of these people is 96-year-old Scottish widow Molly Forbes who the billionaire says reminds him of his own Scottish mother. She scoffs at this. She is no Trump lover, and neither is filmmaker Anthony Baxter. But Trump was cruel enough that he had her water supply cut off because the pipes to her water supply ran through his golf course property, so for five years Forbes, and her son and his wife who lived nearby, had no running water. In interviews with Trump himself and his son Donald Trump Jr., we see the Trumps pretend to care but in reality, they don’t, and actually lie to the cameras in true Trump style.

Filmmaker Anthony Baxter was arrested and thrown in jail when he first discovered the water supply to Molly and her family had been cut off by Donald Trump’s workers while constructing a luxury golf resort near Aberdeen. The charges were thrown out and the police forced to issue an apology. However Baxter is astounded to learn Molly and her son Michael – who Mr Trump branded ‘a pig’ – is still without a reliable water supply half a decade on. 

However, when the film was completed, the Trump Organization threatened any cinema that showed it. The US distributor then pulled out – denying the film a proper theatrical release or broadcast. But now Journeyman Pictures is releasing the film worldwide.

You’ve Been Trump Too is a remarkable document of what we know about the man who runs America – he is a liar, crook and as Forbes, son Michael says – “full of bullshit.” It’s a film about the little people who stand no chance against the Trumps, especially against a man as evil and conniving as Trump. 

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You’ve Been Trump Too is the film Donald Trump doesn’t want you to see. Hopefully with the U.S. election coming up soon, the world will be rid of him. 

You’ve Been Trumped Too is released on demand on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlayJourneyman VOD and Vimeo from 18th August. 

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