She was an award winning journalist whose documentary films would both shock and galvanize the LGBT+ movement.

Today in 2017, the award-winning journalist, Liz MacKean dies at the age of 52.

Liz MacKean was a veteran journalist who worked for both Channel 4 and BBC. She worked hard to expose the injustices faced by people, including LGBT people suffering absolute hate in Russia and Africa.

One of her most notable films was her shocking Dispatches documentary Hunted on Channel 4. It was a stark view of how hate mobs hunted gay men with dating apps and hook up websites to lure them to beatings and humiliating angry encounters.

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In 2014 she was crowned Journalist of the Year in 2014 and then Journalist of the Decade in 2015 by Stonewall.


She was married, to her wife Donna Rowlands and together they had two children.