Debbie Reynolds

US actress, Debbie Reynolds has died at the age of 84, just a day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher died.

Debbie Reynolds
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It has been confirmed that acting icon and Oscar-winning actor, Debbie Reynolds has died following a suspected stroke a day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher passed away. She was 84-years-old. Her son, Todd Fisher said that the stress of her daughter dying had been “too much” for her. He is reported to have said that her last words were that she wanted to be with Carrie.

One of the first celebs to react to her passing was gay icon Bette Midler who said that the news was just, “to hard to comprehend” before adding that the actress, who was most famous for her role in Singin’ In The Rain, was “beautiful, talented, devoted to her craft”.


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Debbie was active on social media hours before her death. On Facebook yesterday she thanked fans and well-wishers after the death her daughter for their “thoughts and prayers”.

She wrote,

“Thank you to everyone who has embraced the gifts and talents of my beloved and amazing daughter,” Reynolds wrote. “I am grateful for your thoughts and prayers that are now guiding her to her next stop. Love Carries Mother”


Debra Messing added that her on-screen mother in Will And Grace was,

“The epitome of clean-cut American optimism, dancing with Gene Kelly as an equal, a warrior woman who never stopped working.”

Speaking to her surviving son, Todd said she, “was with Carrie”.

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Debbie Reynolds told The Telegraph in 2014 that every man she dated was gay, except Robert Wagner. She spoke about how Hollywood’s men during the ‘golden age’ of film had to hide their sexuality or they “wouldn’t get hired”.

In 2012 she spoke about her relationship with the gay community saying,

“Over the years many of the boys that have worked for me as dancers have been gay. The creative people were all gay people, from producers to writers. To me, they were just family.

“I have a gay boy that takes care of me and lives with me. He’s an angel. He cooks for me and works in my dance school. I have had this dance school for 25 years to teach young people how to dance. They want to learn hip-hop, not tap dancing, these days. It is not my favourite thing but it is fun to watch.”

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