Freddy and Matt have moved in with each other…

29th December 2016 0 By News Desk

This is the bromance that doesn’t stop giving…

Okay, we know they’re only friends, but X Factor winner Matt Terry and finalist Freddy Parker are making house and we kinda want to be a fly on the wall. We can picture it now… “no the spice rack goes over here”, “let’s try the lounge in an ‘L’ configuration”, “no no no those throw cushions will never do” and so on.

We know, we know they aren’t an item but let us live in the dream for just a little longer.

So now they’ve found a place together and Freddy wasted no time in telling his fans that he was finally moving out of his parent’s house!


He then shared a picture from inside the house, where he shows exactly how excited he was to be moving in.


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Following lots of speculation that Freddy and the show’s eventual winner, Matt Terry, were in a romantic relationship – Matt put the rumour to rest the day after his X Factor win by letting fans know that they were just great friends and like brothers.

A source told The Sun, that Matt wasn’t shy about letting people know that he was moving in with his best mate and despite the romance rumours he didn’t see the big deal.

Ah Cute.