There is so much emphasis on the requirement of “superfoods” in your diet that brag extensive & amazing health benefits that sometimes it’s easy to forget how important some of the simple, humble, inexpensive and readily available foods are.

I’ve chosen to touch on just some of the benefits of the following 3 foods due to their simplicity, 2015 food trends, and a smidge of personal preference!



An ingredient and flavour I’ve only recently come to love. I adore the vibrancy and earthiness of this versatile vegetable. If you’ve never had beetroot warm, then check out my Beet-Swede-Bake this edition.

Beetroot is Boron bountiful. Boron is great for sexual stamina (also said to have aphrodisiac qualities), and energy levels in general. A useful ingredient if you suffer from fatigue. Betaine and tryptophans can help promote sense of well-being which could also be useful for people that suffer with depression.

Bold and bright beetroot has also been linked to lowering blood pressure, detox support (via purification of the blood and liver), and anti-inflammatory / anti-cancer properties.

Recent studies and TV exposure suggest that beetroot juice can help us exercise more efficiently if consumed before a workout.

We may well see more of beetroot over 2015 with all kinds of root vegetables set to be a food trend this year, and I’m all for it!



My most favourite food in the world, EVER. An odd choice some may think, but I literally cannot get enough of cabbage. Too many have fallen victim to over cooked mush that can put one off for life. Much like how a lot of people feel about Malibu. My favourite cabbage is the sweetheart- obvi. (flash fried with garlic and soy).

Cabbage is great for your digestive tract, and long established as treatment for stomach ulcers. Also, a good source of dietary fibre and includes anti-oxidant vitamins A & C.

The rich purple colour of a red cabbage screams anti-oxidant qualities. Powered along with anti-inflammatory & glucosinolates, has also linked this vegetable to prevention and even treatment of certain cancers.

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With the red cabbage being more than 90% water, it could be useful in weight management for those counting calories.

Most of the cabbage family are a useful ingredient for promoting healthy bones due to it’s high content in vitamin K and manganese.



I remember a time when chillies were simply red or green in the supermarkets. Now, we are crazy for the hot stuff, and the range of chillis’ now is extensive (over 200 varieties of chilli in the world!). I do have a trashy tendency at home to use Sriracha in EVERYTHING.

Chipotle has appeared to take centre stage more recently, favoured for it’s fiery, smoky rich kick. Great in mayo! The Ancho chilli and home-made Harissa have also been hits of late. The chilli plans on hanging around being another 2015 food trend, set for sweet & spicy marinades and sauces being everywhere!

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Chillis have been found to contain anti-inflammatory properties and are great to incorporate in your diet if you suffer from migraines / headaches as they can help to prevent such occurrences whilst clearing congestion and supporting sinuses.

Interestingly, chilli has had great research results in the effects of controlling insulin levels, which could be utilised by people living with diabetes.

Chilli has also had interesting results in cancer studies, showing that the hot stuff can help prevent the spreading of prostate cancer and lower the risk of stomach cancer.



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