Day: 23 April 2015

  • Talking Gay Is Not Easy When You Are Straight

    We have a language of all of our own which just comes with the whole package of being gay. Whilst we all understand each other, it’s much tougher for straight guys to cotton on to what the hell we are saying. Talented Youtube Vlogger Davey Wavey quizzed three strapping straight men about their knowledge of […]

  • Leading UK HIV Specialist, Martin Fisher Dies

    Professor Martin Fisher a leading HIV specialist has died. He was instrumental in field of HIV medicine and research over two decades.

  • LOUIS TOMLINSON: Penis Breaks The Internet

    Basically. We’re not going to say too much, but let the visual and Louis’s floppy cock speak for itself. Louis Tomlinson’s penis has basically broken the internet and us, in one swoop. This is what happens when you don’t wear suitable panties and wear flimsy soccer shorts. (Thank Jeebus for soccer shorts). The One Direction […]

  • FOOD | Food Focus

    There is so much emphasis on the requirement of “superfoods” in your diet that brag extensive & amazing health benefits that sometimes it’s easy to forget how important some of the simple, humble, inexpensive and readily available foods are. I’ve chosen to touch on just some of the benefits of the following 3 foods due […]

  • RECIPE | Spicy Chickpea Snack

    Serves 1 | Prep 5 mins | Cook 45 mins These crunchy little balls are roasted in cayenne and brown sugar for a sweet and spicy little pick me up. An interesting and wholesome alternative to the so many salty snacks that are readily available. After you’ve made this the first time you may want […]

  • When Porn Stars Fly, Pierre Fitch Shows Of Aerial Yoga Moves

    Okay… not that we’re obsessed with him, but Pierre Fitch is showing the world that he is truly a super hero… Of sorts. The legendary porn star, Pierre Fitch, has shown off his moves in a aerial yoga class with ‘partner in crime’, Blu Nathan. Haven’t heard of Aerial Yoga? Nor had we until this […]

  • JD Sports Clarifies Position On Workers Suspended For Homophobic Slur

    Sportswear retailer JD Sports has suspended two staff members after gay couple were allegedly called “battymen” and a customer representative no longer works for the retailer after failing to escalate the complaint. Speaking to THEGAYUK, a spokesman for sports retail giant JD Sports have made it clear that the corporation “deplores discrimination of any kind”. […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Wild Tales

    ★★★★★ | Wild Tales Pretty model Isabel is on a business trip and strikes up a conversation with a gentleman the other side of the aisle of the plane. They quickly discover that they have a mutual acquaintance in Gabriel Pasternak who Isabel used to date and whom the man had once turned down for […]

  • W1A Series 2 Returns Roaring Its Timid BBC Head

    W1A roars back onto our screens with a laugh a minute. Okay, cool, yeah. Life it seems, goes on – at a snails pace sometimes at the BBC. BBC 2’s hit comedy, W1A triumphantly returned to our screens last night in a laugh a minute episode, which saw the ‘way ahead taskforce’ and a clueless […]

  • COMMENT | Pinks For The Blues Or Reds?

    There are only two real players that could be Top-of-the-Pops in this years General Election come May 7th. Let’s not beat around the Mulberry, burnt orange soft grain leather weekend bag, Ed Miliband or David Cameron will be residing at number ten whatever the result. The chart-topper will probably have to share a piece of […]