The organisers of Free Pride have made a U-turn on its policy to ban non-trans drag queens at its pride event in Glasgow

A controversial pride event which made international headlines when it banned non-trans Drag Queens from performing at its pride event has u-turned after being slammed by social media users, celebrities, drag queens and other pride organisers.

In a statement released the unnamed organisers said:

“Sadly, this attracted not just fair criticism, but also an immense amount of harassing, abusive behaviour. This harassment took the form of rather nasty insults and threats which were aimed at free pride organisers.

“The original decision was made because many trans members of Free Pride have had negative experiences with drag acts veering towards racism, misogyny and transphobia; the lack of contact with the drag community contributed.

“We made a mistake, and we apologise.”


The organisers, which haven’t yet made public whether the organisation is a charity, a CIC (community interest company) or how it is managed added:

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“We hope to learn from this in order to foster the kind of community we want to see. We believe there is a greater need for dialogue within, and indeed between the trans and drag communities. We look forward to creating spaces where these dialogues take place with mutual compassion and respect.”

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