There’s no other time of year when one needs a good wash! Long hot sticky summer days, lashings of suntan lotion and muddy weekends in a field camping – whilst sipping cider from a can listen to a variety of folk and rock music as thousands of others jump beside you. Well fear not for there’s a new Wingman in town who’s got your back… your face… your whole body actually.

It’s not often I get excited about taking a shower. It happens daily and is a part my morning routine along with drinking two coffee’s to get out of bed, the blended fruit breakfast and hatred of other commuters. However, I now look forward to time spent in the water box thanks to Wingman’s range of face scrubs, washes and moisturisers that turns your morning or work aged body into a new man ready to take on life.

The face scrub, wash and moisturiser – handily numbered 1,2,3 in case you’re still not quite awake and try to moisturise before you’ve scrubbed – have a fresh scent using ginseng and vitamins to help cleanse and brighten the skin. Another shower great is their 3-in-1 range suitable for body, hair and shaving. Available in Jet, Mint and my favourite Citrus, this is the perfect travel companion if packing space is limited. If like myself you have longer hair then you may also want to pack a conditioner as well.


Overall a great new ‘man-brand’ to hit the shelves of Waitrose, Tesco, ASDA, Superdrug and Sainsbury’s or available online from ranging between £2.99 – £5.99.

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You can also pick up a free Wingman Gift Set with a year’s subscription from THEGAYUK’s stall at our sponsored Pride events across the UK, including upcoming Glasgow, Cardiff and Swindon. If you see us come and say hello and pick up a set before they’re gone!

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