Here are 10 Life hacks to help you take a break from technology devised by celebrity life and success coach Sloan Sheridan Williams.

When technology is starting to rule your life, why not take a step back and take note of Sloan’s top 10 hints at regaining control of your life.

1. Share a lovingly home-cooked meal or go to your favourite restaurant

2. Get a boost of energising Vitamin D

3. Share emotional experiences like watching a movie or sporting event.

4. Having fun on theme park rides will help you bond with the rush of endorphins

5. Go on a bike ride or a long walk in the park

6. Visit a comedy club and laugh out loud

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7. Go out and dance like no-one is watching

8. Pedalo on the Serpentine or on a nearby lake that offers similar

9. Fly a kite

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10. Go to a Roller Disco and let your hair down.

by Sloan Sheridan Wllliams

About the author: Sloan Sherdian Williams
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